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KLCOM Job Vacancy – Freelance translators/proofreaders 2022

May 23, 2022

We are recruiting up to ten India-based translators/proofreaders working mainly from Chinese into English.

We are the UK’s leading provider of language services between English and Chinese, with the largest in-house Chinese interpreter team in the private market in Europe (see an overview of our company).

The translation we deliver are of a wide range from corporate documents including marketing materials and contracts to specialist subject matters from technology to manufacturing of a range of industries.

Although initially you will be working from home as a contracted freelancer, you will be offered a full-time contract as/when you pass our assessment.

We have a well-established system for team members working across time-zones and for regular reviews and feedback. We will provide induction as well as on-going training.

This is therefore a career opportunity.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for professional linguists who are based in India and possibly Malaysia with expertise in translation, editing and proofreading documents from Chinese into English.

You need to be a native speaker of English with near native fluency in Chinese (Mandarin) with a degree in Translation or the Chinese language. You need to be able to work to tight deadlines whilst maintaining quality. You need to be a good team player. An innate drive for improvement and attention to detail are essential.

You will need easy access to the required equipment and infrastructure – high specification computer and high-speed internet connection.


How to apply

Send a cover letter no longer than one A4 page stating why you believe you’re the most suitable candidate together with your updated CV and your expected rates to

Your information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used for considering your application. To find out about us, visit our website at

Deadline:  17th June 2022


KLCOM Job Vcancy – Business Manager 2022

April 22, 2022

We are looking for an outstanding Business Manager to join us in our London office. We are the UK’s leading provider of language service between English and Chinese, with the largest in-house Chinese interpreter team in the UK.

Main duties:

  1. Customer service from first contact to delivery including responding to enquiries, producing quotations, confirming bookings, organizing and overseeing delivery, seeking as well as responding to feedback
  2. The financial and administrative management of the company including raising invoices, securing payment, monthly reports of the operation of the company, record keeping, day to day administration and other shared duties of the company


  1. A native speaker of Chinese (Mandarin) with near native fluency in English or a native speaker of English with near native fluency in Chinese
  2. Good mathematical skills with firm attention to detail
  3. An excellent team player with good interpersonal skills.
  4. Able to deal with seemingly complex tasks with a methodical approach
  5. Good at multi-tasking and able to maintain professional standards even when under pressure

Although experience of project management, office administration or customer service delivery will be an advantage, we welcome application from fresh graduates (starting with the lower end of the salary spectrum)


  1. Starting salary from £26,000 – £32,000 per annum (before tax) depending on the skill level and experience
  2. 22 days of annual leave plus all UK public holidays
  3. Pension contribution from the company
  4. Option to work partly from home

How to apply

Send a cover letter no longer than one A4 page stating why you believe you’re the most suitable candidate together with your updated CV to

Deadline:  13th May 2022

KL口笔译特技系列——同传现在开始报名啦 Online Simultaneous Interpreting Course

July 8, 2020
此外,在不同的阶段,我们会提供相应的阅读材料和词汇表,学员再自行补遗补漏,让学员在“新手阶段”由KL团队手把手带着成长。课程中 ,林老师还将系统讲解国际会议口译的会前准备策略。




  • 基础理念讲解
  • 10大技巧,逐一练习,并配以大量例句的文字练习,扩大词汇
  • 10大技巧大量例句的音频练习
  • 课堂教学+课后作业+课上测试,保证学员学习的有效性






  • 在视听译的基础上,进入视频练习
  • 所选视频难度分级,从易到难
  • 课前提供所需词汇表,学员只需熟背,再自行补遗补漏
  • 最后一次课讲解如何为同传任务做好准备
  • 课堂教学+课后作业






  • 本课程以世界经济论坛达沃斯的视频练习为主
  • 课上一对一指导和反馈
  • 课前提供阅读材料和词汇表,学员自行补遗补漏
  • Zoom等类似平台远程翻译体验















  • 一次性报名三个单元并付款,享受9折优惠
  • 团体报名2人以上,各自立减500元,可与9折叠加,三个单元只可使用一次
  • 本次课程林老师至少教一半的课;其余时间会经常在教室中旁听
  • 开课前参加内部水平测试,和林老师一对一面谈,让我们更了解你的水平
  • 是否可以参加课程与测试/面谈结果无关
  • 课程结束后,优秀的学员有机会加入我们的人才库,获得参与翻译项目的机会;特别优秀的,有机会获得KL公司全职译员合约,赴英工作
  • 下半年免费参加KL直播活动《说道说道》
  • 授课平台为Zoom



KL开线上课啦!Online Interpreting/Translation Courses

March 18, 2020


交传笔记& Delivery:练出一套在交替传译中高效、不遗漏的笔记系统,并教你如何边读笔记边讲出流畅的翻译,让听众感觉你像念稿一般口若悬河

课程设计面向中文流利的学生,无需口笔译基础,只要对KL独门技巧有兴趣欢迎来报名。详情请见:林博士在线亲授口笔译 (林博士微博:


In the face of Covid-19, KL is coming up with ways to share our expertise even though we cannot meet face to face! We have designed 3 courses:

Consecutive interpreting–focusing on note-taking and delivery;
Sight interpreting–the foundation for good simultaneous interpreting;
Translation–using CATTI materials so you hit two birds with one stone.

These online courses are designed for people who are fluent in Mandarin and would like to learn more about the KL approach to interpreting and translation. For more information, please visit 林博士在线亲授口笔译  (Kevin’s Weibo:



PMPT 2019 Summer is open for registration!

February 1, 2019

Looking to leave your footprint in the real interpreting world? Our annual Post MA Professional Training Programme (PMPT) returns by popular demand.

“KL’s PMPT programme is a valuable top-up to my MA. It fills the skills gap between an interpreting graduate and a professional interpreter, which will benefit my future career.”—PMPT trainee

Find out more in our leaflets below:

KL PMPT 2019_summer