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Translation Business

May 5, 2017

Getting to know KL’s translation business 

Many of our clients are very familiar with our interpreting business, but aren’t aware that we also provide excellent translation service. In fact, our translation business is just as established as our interpreting business.

2017 is an exciting year for our interpreting business. In April, we added two new members to our translation team in China. In summer, we will be trialing our new translation technology. This new technology will potentially increase our speed of delivery by up to ten times.

What we do

We specialise in high-end translation, although we’re just as comfortable with general purpose work.

We provide quality translation work to governments, organisations, companies and academic institutions. Our translation team have a strong track record of translating for a wide range of industries and subjects.

Clients come to us for:

·         Brochures, leaflets, websites

·         Emails and correspondence

·         Manuals and handbooks

·         PowerPoint presentation decks

·         Documents, agreements and contracts

·         Menus and signs for events and hospitality

·         Straplines, key messages and brand names

·         Business cards, letterheads and complimentary slips

·         Proofreading of third-party translations

What makes KL different

All suppliers promise accuracy. We deliver more.

                    We maintain the integrity of your business while translating

                    We deliver even when there isn’t a ready equivalent in Chinese

                    We know where to strike a subtle balance. This is key to the translation of creative content.     Sounding too English won’t strike a chord in China. Sounding too Chinese misleads. Getting that balance right is critical. At times, it’s an art. An art that we’ve perfected over the years

                    We do most translation in-house. We do not outsource confidential document translation